Joey & Taylor <07.16.17>

Taylor and Joey…a young, sweet couple excited to enjoy their remaining life as one couple! They’ve been an honor to work with as they both are super sweet and laid back. Their wedding day was planned at the beautiful Jester Park Lodge, on a nice (yet steamy) summer day.
The girls had a blast getting ready during the morning, relaxing with mimosas, coffee and the occassional pushups before heading off to the Lodge to support the two as they tied their love together, officially!
They had a fun, enjoyable reception with yard games and a live band to encourage their closest friends and family to enjoy dancing the evening away to great music. All in all, a beautiful and enjoyable wedding and I’m always pleased to show off some images! Enjoy 🙂

Venue: Jester Park Lodge
Dress: David Tutera from Bridal Elegance
Shoes: Nine West
Rings: Christopher’s Fine Jewelry
Suits: Allure from Skeffingtons
Bridesmaids: David’s Bridal
Flowers: CamBam Custom Floral
DJ/Band: Black Notes Musicians
Second Shooter: GG Photography 
Catering/rentals: Food with Flair
Cake: Sweet Em’s
Cake topper: AlphabetCanvas – Etsy
Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas
Guestbook: Shutterfly
Glass ceremony: Fiamma D’Amore


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