I’m so excited to share these sweethearts wedding with you today! Although originally from Cedar Falls area, Taylor and Bryn have been living further south for a while now, currently residing in the fabulous city of Nashville, TN! So I didn’t get to meet Bryn till the day of the […]

Bryn & Taylor <09.16.17>

Taylor and Joey…a young, sweet couple excited to enjoy their remaining life as one couple! They’ve been an honor to work with as they both are super sweet and laid back. Their wedding day was planned at the beautiful Jester Park Lodge, on a nice (yet steamy) summer day. The girls […]

Joey & Taylor <07.16.17>

I didn’t get the pleasure of knowing these two much before capturing their wonderful day! Jordan and Jessica live out in Massachusetts, and her and I met once when we did a consultation for her planning! But other then that, it was helloooo wedding day! It was great though. Together they […]

Jordan & Jessica <07.15.17>